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By: Glen David on: 2018-04-18


Inspiration precedes ideas and visions.

No limits are set as to how many times an inspiration can trigger a vision, and; there are no boundaries for visions as they inspire others to aim for the best of profitability and efficiency in the business.

Davlen Designs was built to materialize that vision into an absolute world class efficient and profitable system for the chiropractor’s office.  For the past three decades, they have accomplished just that. One of the most recent gems in their crown is their completed 24,000sf office system for Life Chiropractic College West (LCCW). Birthed from yet another long and healthy relationship with colleagues Davlen Designs delivers a world-class chiropractic office system and the feature of this year’s annual event. All of this, while providing the college and their students with a real-world experience prior to graduation.

The Wave Inspires

Celebrating its 6th year the WAVE brings more inspiration in 2016 and a fresh approach to the philosophy, art, science, and future of chiropractic at LCCW.

Re-envisioned to Renovate

The new Life West Monte H. Greenawalt Health Center at Life Chiropractic College West has recently completed their project.  Working closely with President Brian Kelly, DC, and the Executive Vice President of the Health Center, Timothy Gay, DC.; with their shared vision to renovate, Glen David, CEO of Davlen Designs, created the new office system for this extraordinary new facility.

Davlen Inspired to Inspire

Architectural elements behind a profitable practice the key topic with Glen David, CEO of Davlen Designs and an at this year’s WAVE 2016.   It is an annual educational event for the profession and those taking health and wellness to the forefront of today’s global discussions. Speaking of those golden strategies he knows all too well what will dramatically increase your volume and services without expanding or relocating.

David’s reputation is known among chiropractors across the county and the globe. Once again he has delivered his expertise in customizing the solution that embraces the current practice and continued success over a 5 and 10 year period of growth with the recently completed new Health Center.  During his presentation, he will share many efficient elements that have helped over 5,000 practices simplify their ability to attract, motivate and serve more patients to live a healthier lifestyle while increasing the profitability of your practice.

More than 25 speakers will present during this two-day event which includes The President’s Reception for alumni and friends. During the evening guests may view the new office with guided tours of the new facility and engage in a special opportunity to meet the WAVE speakers.

Renovate or Re-Create

Established practices needing a re-design without absorbing the costs of expanding or relocating or a new practice is the expertise of  Davlen Designs; offering solutions that enable them to do more in less space and in less time, that result in profitability. They refine systems and strategies, integrating technologies, equipment, structure, business, and flow to the desired end result of understanding and wellness for the patient.  Every practitioner desires their specific technique to be privately communicated with patients, but also to experience the semi-open style of adjusting and patient care.  More than an office furniture layout or equipment schematic, they create an efficient implemented solution for the top of the line chiropractic office system.

Whether discussing micro-cubicles, modular spaces, and multiple purposes; a laundry list of design elements is a place to begin discussions.  Current practices can improve with serving more patients in the same amount of space. New offices can implement with new small and efficient systems far beyond what has ever been seen on the market. It all comes together with clean lines, modems, colors, fabrics, materials. Great priority is given to the absolute state of the art communication environments for media, management technologies and specifically including product display and distribution areas. Some components include equipment, diagnostics, EMR, patient education and even more are included in the custom creative parameters.

Renderings of assimilated ideas for solutions and strategies are presented for further discussion.  Ideas are refined and a realistic 3D tour of the structural soundness, fit, and function of the systems can be presented to ensure clarity for results and patient flow in a virtual model.  Ideas become materialized.

Looking at thirty years of creating chiropractic office designs is visionary and founder of Davlen Designs,  Glen David.  He has incorporated numerous concepts that amplify the ability to attract and motivate patients to lead healthy, wellness-based lifestyles. This is just one of the reasons business and management consultants use and recommend Davlen Designs.  Management consultants are a wealth of resources and we are proud to ally with some of the best in the country who trigger practices to strive for system solutions such as those created by Davlen Designs.  Working together for the profit of the practice, space and time-saving strategies is what they do.

If it’s time for your system to exude profits, get your vision started here. Catching the wave with Davlen Designs is simpler than you may think.

The Davlen Design Choice

David’s business philosophy is simply that of vision for each client. A vision that will create a function; and function that creates structure. Chiropractors need this structure for patient understanding.  His personal path of wellness is committed to taking their message beyond that of spinal pain relief.

Rooted deeply in chiropractic for almost 30 years, Glen David and the team of Davlen Design was the flagship of the profession and has dedicated their business to providing world-class chiropractic offices around the world. Their unique experience in serving the profession has provided unmatched insight into the key concepts and strategies that support and enhance the clinical and business strategies of a modern practice. By doing so, they allow a doctor and his staff to do more in less space and in less time, greatly improving their productivity and profitability.

You will be guided by sharing and understanding your intended results, being aware of how you differ from the thousands of other chiropractors Davlen has served as they enlighten their tried and proven clinical flow and business concepts that are helping the profession achieve unheard of growth and efficiency.

Their reputation continues as the leader of their profession. Staying up to date with new preferences and needs for the practitioner in the ever-changing health and wellness world.  Davlen Designs continues to over-deliver and optimize inspirations to efficient functions.

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