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Dr. W

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During our initial meeting, Dr. W informed us that he had known us for years, and always had us on his “Must have” list, for he had known many of his colleagues that have used Davlen in years prior, and had great results. The time became right when a series of events all came together. Dr. W. had joined a new Chiropractic coaching system a few years prior and integrated other disciplines to his Chiropractic practice. Recently, his landlord advised him that the adjoining space would be available to him if he wanted, but he had to act fast. His first reaction was to contact his Chiropractic equipment company to see what they could fit in the 15oo sq ft expan- sion that was available. A quick work up showed him what they could sell him, but paid no attention to how it could all work as a fine-tuned machine.


Turning lemons into Lemonade, Davlen carefully developed a plan that proved adding only 900 square feet would actually provide geometrically more services and volume that the doctor required. In fact, the original 1,500 square feet was more than Dr. W. ever needed. Within a few weeks of working together, the doctor was confident enough to begin the lease paperwork and lock the space up for the next 10 years. In the early stages, before the additional space became available, his expense of integrating along with the cost of the additional professional and para-professional staff significantly increased his overhead and lowered his profitability. Our team worked diligently to develop both a long and short-term plan that not only utilized every square inch of his expansion space to its fullest but also do what Davlen has become known for... Reducing the cost per patient visit by minimizing the number of staff required to serve them. Furthermore, by realigning the flow of patients based on an algorithm Davlen has perfected over the years, the new design minimized wasted time of the primary providers and staff. By carefully developing specific Chiropractic workstations that Davlen builds in their state-of-the-art factory, the doctor was able to benefit from higher productivity of the doctors and his staff. Doing more in less space and in less time significantly increased the clinical yield and profitability beyond the doctor's expectations.


Once the clinical and business expansion was cost-effectively handled, we turned to where most designers begin; Décor and Decoration. A prime inspiration of Dr. W. came from his summer escape in the mountains of North Carolina. First to be eliminated was the diagonal cedar planking that was trendy in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Dr. W. loved taking in the fresh air and blue skies of his summer house and wanted to bring that feeling to hot humid south Florida. Natural light from the large front windows was an important factor. We were careful to translate that feeling he gets while in the mountains by integrating sky blues with wood tones and natural stone. Due to budget constraints, the doctor decided to wait until phase 2, to modify the ceiling and lighting. While we always keep the proprietary methods and business results of our clients in utmost confidence, we are proud to have provided the doctor with the capability of 225% increased volume, services, and revenue by adding only 25% more space along with a lot of science and experience that we integrated into his design.


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