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world class
chiropractic offices 

The Art & Science of a successful chiropractic office design.
Providing Unique Work Places that enhance Chiropractic Success
Since 1987...



The science behind Davlen Chiropractic Office Design & Consulting Services


increase staff productivity

Chiropractic office furnishings can play a vital role in your year-end profitability.


Developing the ultimate healing environment

While anyone can claim that they can design a Chiropractic office, Only Davlen has dedicated over 32 years to help this profession grow and become more successful. Creating a World-Class Chiropractic office that supports and enhances the clinical and business guidelines that run a modern Chiropractic office, enable our clients to increase their patient volume and services beyond their expectations. Only Davlen can share with you the unique knowledge gained while serving over 6,000 of your colleagues worldwide. Only Davlen understands what should be done, instead of what could be done. Our goal is to translate your clinical and business goals into a highly effective workplace. Large offices or small, building from the ground up or remodeling for growth, single rooms or individual workstations, we have the tried and proven solutions to meet any budget. Let us show you how we are not only the best alternative but are your least expensive alternative as well. So if you are looking to do more in less time and less space, you have come to the right place....


Our mission is to help you create a World-Class Chiropractic office that looks great, operates efficiently and simplifies the Chiropractic professionals ability to attract, educate and motivate more patients to live a healthy, wellness-based lifestyle. Davlen has developed unique products and services that enable Chiropractors to serve their patients at the highest level possible

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Our clients may have gone to the same school, studied similar techniques, listen to the same Chiropractic mentors and even studied the same business principals from the same coach , but we have found that every doctor we serve is unique. Our program has been developed to extract those unique qualities  and custom tailor design elements that will help you produce your intended results  ....

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Basing our company’s 32+ years of success on Chiropractic referrals from your friends and mentors, and not that of a fancy 5th avenue advertising agency should make you feel confident that we are serving our clients to the highest level. This is not said to impress you, instead, to impress upon you that this is our profession, just as it is yours and we take utmost pride in ensuring your satisfaction.

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what we do

As you enter a practice created by Davlen you are embraced with a sense of WORLD CLASS HEALTH CARE.  Stunning first impressions are balanced with professionalism and comfort. Friendly staff greets you with a level of
confidence and warmth that only a highly efficient work place can provide.

Clever planning and design is evident as you flow through the facility toward the health and wellness that only Chiropractic can provide.
Conservation of time and motion embrace you and the staff as you experience a World Class Chiropractic Environment. Being a family owned and operated business, our driving force became clear when Chiropractic saved the life of
our first born son ........


Designed for simplicity speed and efficiency

Recent studies prove that over 87% of Chiropractors severely underutilize their space.
Our unique approach uses our proprietary systems, strategies, services and products that allow you to streamline your patient flow and enhance the utilization and profitability of every square inch of your clinic.  

Using our proprietary 3d modeling software, the majority of our clients can either achieve higher levels of service and profitability in their existing clinics, or are able to rent less square footage than they originally thought possible. Whether your situation mandates that you relocate or have a desire to remodel, desire to add services to an existing location, or need to improve the operating  efficiency of you or your staff,  we can enlighten you to how our systematic approach can guide you towards a result that is right for you.

our services

CHiropractic furnishing systems

The key to unlocking your profitability lies
in Professionalism, Efficiency and Productivity provided by Davlen’s purpose built Chiropractic work stations. These unique furnishing systems are designed, tested and manufactured in our state of the art design and fabrication facility exclusively for Chiropractic. From our humble beginnings when Jeanne David, now the functional design manager and CFO at Davlen, worked in a high volume practice in a 2 ½ car garage attached to the doctors house. Like all CA's, her job was to do 9 different tasks at once on what was nothing more than modified Kitchen cabinetry from the local home center. Did it work? yes, should it have worked better, Definately!

Similar to your staff, she was being trained by the best in the business to better serve patients, only to realize that her workplace was not designed to carry out what she was taught. It was like the team was being trained to race the Indy 500 of Chiropractic but was left driving a Volkswagen. They were able to get around the track, but they were never able to play at the level they wanted to. Davlen has spent the last 32 years developing and perfecting unique and purpose driven modular work stations that allow the Chiropractic profession serve more patients in less space and in less time.



Creating unique solutions that streamline your day is Nick David, our NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPER and production manager primary role.  Jeanne and I are also proud to say that he is also the next generation of Davlen Design. 

Developing our own Niche market,in the Chiropractic field, we saw the need to develop numerous products that are unique to the professional needs of Chiropractic. From the creation of the first Portable T-bar system to functionally driven EMR stations, Diagnostic stations, to Report of findings stations, our team is always plying the waters of the profession in
search of a product that needs an enhanced method of delivery.

We find the need, work with the innovators and trainers, and develop proprietary and unique
products that allow you to do more in less time and in less space.

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Pathways to your success

Everyone has their own story. Explore the path to your success that is right for you:

1.     Expansion
2.     Consolidation
3.     Remodeling for efficiency
4.     Relocation
5.     Satellite office
6.     Franchise
7.     Should I stay or should I move

Our step by step process can help you determine which path will allow you to best serve your patients while allowing you to achieve your
goals both professionally and personally.


6,000+ clients
across the country

Only Davlen has dedicated over 32 years to help this profession grow and become more successful by creating a World Class Chiropractic office that supports and enhances the clinical and business growth. See what your colleagues have to say.


Latest case studies

New Practice

Everyone reading this case study has a Chiropractic story to tell, and I am no exception. As our team at Davlen has served over 6,000 Chiropractors over the last 32 years, we have heard big stories and big visions before, some of which have knitted their way into the fabric of this profession, others not. When I heard about an up and coming Chiropractic Franchise, my interest was peaked. Hopefully is was far better than other attempts of the past. My first introduction to Dr Jason Helfrich and 100% Chiropractic was just before we had the honor to lecture to students at a capstone session at Life University in Georgia. Shortly after lunch, I was honored to listen to Doctor Jason enlighten the students to He and his wife's, Dr Vanessa's Helfrich's , vision was for the future of the Chiropractic profession. While I have heard hundreds of Chiropractic mentors over the years, something inside me said that this mans vision was worthy of additional research into. Needless to say, Dr Jason Helfrich’s captivating discussion of how the Chiropractic profession was going to benefit from  their "100% Chiropractic" Franchise had the students riveted to their seats. Since Chiropractic is my profession just as it is yours, I felt like I was listening to a breath of fresh air for the profession. I  encourage you to look into this for yourself, ..100%

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