Since 1987, Davlen, a family-owned business, has been committed to crafting exceptional chiropractic offices that not only look stunning but also function seamlessly, making it easier for chiropractors to attract, sere, and inspire more patients to embrace a wellness-oriented lifestyle. Whether you have a compact space of 150 square feet or a grand project spanning over 24,000 square feet, we take immense pride in leveraging our unparalleled expertise to assist over 6,500 chiropractors worldwide in maximizing their patient capacity and expanding their range of services within smaller time frames and spaces. No matter where your practice is located, our innovative designs will empower you to  establish your own distinctive and cost effective healing environment, one that exudes a "World Class" ambiance and sets the stage for the cutting edge healthcare you provide.

Dr. M

Plantation, FL
Functional Design, Patient flow, Staff Productivity and business profitability.
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Dr. T

Raleigh, NC
Design and build high end modular workstations
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Dr. G

Bridgeville, Pa
After many years of practicing in a leased facility, and since his practice was already busting at the seams, it was time for Dr G to begin his search for a larger facility and hopefully, one that he could afford to purchase instead of lease. Not only did Dr G require more square footage to serve higher volumes of patients, but his patients were achieving great results in their health and wellness from the newly added services that Dr. G was offering.
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Dr. H

Excelsior, Mn
Dr H wanted to remodel his current practice into a higher level of volume and services while he was currently practicing in that location
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Dr. S

Kennesaw Ga
Expansion, Remodel, Relocation, Ground Up
Dr S is a second-generation Chiropractor that has always been surrounded by a Chiropractic workplace developed by the team at Davlen. Just shy of 20 years ago, his parents, Dr’s Kathy and Kevin Sr. contacted Davlen to develop their Dream office. Now, after being immersed, in an office designed and built by Davlen, for most of his Chiropractic upbringing, it was only natural for him to connect with us when he was ready to branch out and develop his own Dream practice.
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