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Chiropractic office furnishings can play a vital role in your year-end profitability. Staff payroll is the largest percentage of any Chiropractors balance sheet. Most doctors solutions to do increasing productivity is to add more staff. While this works, it can easily compound your management workload while increasing payroll by tens of thousands each year. As any big business knows, the systematization of daily activity can be most effectively accomplished by creating a properly developed workstation. We have spent the past 32 years focusing on the business guidelines that run a modern Chiropractic office.

Davlen began in the mid 80’s when Jeanne David, Co-owner of Davlen was a CA for a fast-paced Chiropractor in New York. She would travel to different seminars and conferences to learn how to do her job better, only to return to a desk that was not designed to carry out what she was taught. By understanding and developing the most streamlined path to particular tasks, we can properly locate all of the forms, paperwork, and electronics in the optimal locations.

By doing so, it allows you to do more in less space and in less time, enhancing simplicity and profitability while reducing chaos and stress. By utilizing Chiropractic office furniture that was specifically designed and built to streamline the tasks common and unique to the Chiropractic profession, you and your team will be able to do more in less time and less space. From simple EMR stations to complex Front desks or Report of findings centers, careful thought and understanding of the intended results became the guidelines of how a particular workstation should be designed and built.
Daven's  Chiropractic office furniture is “purpose-built” modular systems that are designed and fabricated exclusively for Chiropractic in our state- Of – the-art facility and are shipped worldwide. Each system we offer was created exclusively around the daily activities found in a modern Chiropractic office. Modular flexibility will allow you to add to, rearrange and relocate these systems as your needs change. This feature alone translates to huge savings every time your needs change. Investing in Davlen systems means that this should be the last time you ever have to purchase another front desk again. When its time to move, you disassemble it, relocate it and reassemble it in your next location. If the size or shape is different, you can rearrange and add modules to make it larger or smaller, or change its shape. No longer do you have to throw systems away just because your needs change or you have to relocate.

Front Desks

The front desk of your Chiropractic office must create a lasting first impression as it is the first thing your patients see when they walk in the door. Your reception area sets the tone for the rest of your practice. A functional front desk must place the most needed items directly at your team’s fingertips, allowing them to serve more patients in less time and less space without feeling stressed. When you give your team the tools they need they need to be the best, they will give you their best.

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Report of Findings Stations

Probably the most important room in your clinic, the consultation and report of findings  stations are where health and wellness for your patients begin. Delivering a report of findings is not as much about what you tell your patients, instead, it's how they remember what they are told. We have numerous versions of report of findings centers that allow you to match the content of your report with the demographics of your community. Everyone learns and retains information differently, and we will help you match your content to your patients.


Adjusting Room Workstations

Closed room, Open room or semi-open room, once you attract and convert your perspective people into patients, it is important to streamline their flow through your practice, and to simplify your activities so you can serve more patients in less time. Your time is the most valuable to the practice and creating a workplace that allows you to have total control over what you do and when you do it is the best investment you can make.


Portable T-Bars

Much more than just a wall in the shape of a “T”, the semi-open adjusting has been talked about since the 80’s. We worked with several consultants and were the first to design and produce Portable “T” bars that provide a sense of privacy for your patients while allowing you to mass educate your patients. Large or small, tall or short, T’s L’s Y’s and even “I” bars come in portable and relocatable versions to suit your needs. Their portability allows you to lease or own up to 150 less square feet, saving you tens of thousands over your career.


Retail Centers

Peak profitability from your product sales revolves around the art and science of sales. How you display and distribute your support products should be carefully orchestrated into a streamlined system, allowing you to create a profitable revenue stream requiring minimal staffing and payroll.



We have spent countless hours working with different EMR producers. Researching each supplier so we could understand how these systems are designed to function, including what their suggested hardware requirements should be.  Through this we have devleoped workstations to fulfill your electronic medical record needs in the most effective ways possible. 


Doctors Offices

From a formal “Power” room to a “nonpatient access” Doctors Den, each should be carefully outfitted for the intended results. If you regularly invite referral resources to your clinic, a power room may be most beneficial. If you need a place to run the business of your practice, our Chiropractic office furniture created for your “Doctors Den” will be more suited to produce the intended results for you.  Associates also need a “home” which should be balanced with your intention and their role in the practice.


DME – Back-end product sales

Providing a secure location for Durable Medical Equipment is on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from products that are displayed on our “Retail Media Centers”. Learn how each of our Chiropractic office furniture systems can produce dramatically different results for you.

Modular Flexibility

All of our Chiropractic office furniture systems are designed, machined, fabricated, tested and quality controlled in our own state-of-the-art facility. Since our intention is for this to be a long-term investment into the operating efficiency of your practice, by manufacturing in a modular approach, you are able to add to, rearrange and relocate our systems as your needs or environment change. No longer do you walk away from desks or workstations that you paid good money for the next time you move. 


Specialty Products      

From EMR workstations to diagnostic testing stands and hundreds in between, we custom tailor different workstations to increase the professionalism, efficiency, and productivity of your team. The stand we manufacture for a Subluxation station or Myovision system is simple to transport to a screening and yet has a special look that distinguishes you as someone special, eliminating your display from having the look of any other  “Computer Salesmen”.


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Davlen has specialized in chiropractic office design since 1987. We have helped over 5,000 chiropractors around the globe. Learn how Davlen can improve your practice!

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