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Everyone reading this case study has a Chiropractic story to tell, and I am no exception. As our team at Davlen has served over 6,000 Chiropractors over the last 32 years, we have heard big stories and big visions before, some of which have knitted their way into the fabric of this profession, others not. When I heard about an up and coming Chiropractic Franchise, my interest was peaked. Hopefully is was far better than other attempts of the past. My first introduction to Dr Jason Helfrich and 100% Chiropractic was just before we had the honor to lecture to students at a capstone session at Life University in Georgia. Shortly after lunch, I was honored to listen to Doctor Jason enlighten the students to He and his wife's, Dr Vanessa's Helfrich's , vision was for the future of the Chiropractic profession. While I have heard hundreds of Chiropractic mentors over the years, something inside me said that this mans vision was worthy of additional research into. Needless to say, Dr Jason Helfrich’s captivating discussion of how the Chiropractic profession was going to benefit from  their "100% Chiropractic" Franchise had the students riveted to their seats. Since Chiropractic is my profession just as it is yours, I felt like I was listening to a breath of fresh air for the profession. I  encourage you to look into this for yourself, ..100%


Dr P.

In an ever more common situation that we experience at Davlen, this husband and wife team approached our company with the intention of remodeling a portion of their 8,600 square foot building. While the existing clinic, occupying about 35% of the entire building, was neat and clean with elaborate millwork and architectural details, no one disagreed that it was dated in appearance. They had hoped to retain the services of someone that could help them bring their workplace into a more modern, professional looking practice. Most most importantly, they wanted to be able to do so without having to close their doors for a few months during the remodel.


Dr. W

The time was finally right when a series of events all came together. Dr W. had joined a new Chiropractic coaching system a few years prior and integrated other disciplines to his Chiropractic practice. Recently, his landlord advised him that the adjoining space would be available to him if he wanted, but he had to act fast. His first reaction was to contact his Chiropractic equipment company to see what they could fit in the 1500 sq ft expansion that was available. A quick workup showed him what they could sell him, but paid no attention to how it could all work as a fine-tuned machine.

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