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Developing the ultimate healing environment

 Since the beginning, over 32 years ago, Davlen has spent countless hours watching, listening and learning all there is to know about the profession. We spent the first few years visiting some of the most professional, efficient and profitable Chiropractic practices and experienced what made them different from others, hoping to find the magic answer that made one practice super successfull while others struggled to survice. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we were unable to find the one school, the one technique or the one Chiropractic coach or management company that if followed, would make the difference.

What we did find was hundreds, if not thousands of Chiropractic clinical and business concepts that could be used to really make a difference in how a doctor could practice, and more importantly, how they could better serve their patients. At that point, it became clear that our job was to fully understand these concepts into design elements and unique products that when compiled properly, would create the best working environment possible. the result would be a WORLD CLASS workplace that would look great, operate efficiently and simplify the Chiropractic professionals ability to attract, convert, educate and motivate more patients to live a healthy, wellness-based lifestyle through the benefits of the Chiropractic lifestyle.


Since the mid-1980’s our mission is to help you create a world-class Chiropractic office that looks great, operates efficiently and simplifies the Chiropractic professions ability to serve, educate and motivate more patients to live a healthier, wellness-based lifestyle through Chiropractic care. Our story tells it all…Link to About us Our roots were planted when Jeanne David, now our CFO and "FUNCTIONAL DIRECTOR  of product development AT dAVLEN was a CA for a highly profitable Chiropractor whose practice was in a 2 car garage attached to the side of his house. every square inch mattered and every step they took mattered. We had to create better, faster and more efficient ways of working.


By meeting with the top equipment manufacturers and software suppliers on a regular basis, we get to understand that each product was designed to produce and how it was intended to be used… direct from the creator. This means that our products were developed as solutions to situations and issues that you may not even understand and hopefully never will. As a client determines to add a product, service or concept, many times we have more knowledge about what they will be doing and how they will be doing it long before they do. This is not to impress you, but to impress upon you that you can rely on Davlen to create a World-Class-Chiropractic office, one that supports and enhances your daily activities.


Join our family of over 6,000 Chiropractors from around the world. In the early stages of site development, feel free to talk with other Davlen clients, Chiropractors with similar needs and situations, consumers just like you, to ensure that what we are representing to you is truly in your best interest and will truly solve your specific needs.



While serving the profession over the years, we have found that almost every Chiropractor we talk with wants to expand their practices, not by 5 or 10%, but in many instances by 50, 100 or even 200 % or more. We help you create a growth and efficiency plan that will match your intended benchmarks. We balance your intended growth in volume and increase in services with your specific timeframe and budget. We help you see the big picture and help you break your improvements into bite sized pieces that make it tolerable for you. Our program will help you zero in on a space that is sized to grow into, not out of, while minimizing on wasted rent, utilities and staffing. The net result is increased profits. And the best part is that we will be using tried and proven concepts that have helped others in the past, eliminating your need to try and reinvent the wheel.

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