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Our Unique approach

The most efficient, cost effective and stress free way that you can create your dream practice is by having everyone do what they do best. You have to focus on growing and maintaining yoru practice while your office gets built or remodeled. While it may seem glamerous to want to field the questions from a contractor, it will suck th elief out of you and distract from yoru ability to serve and heal your patients. Your contractor needs to turn over to you, a fully completed, legally built office. Your architect must produce the construction documents needed to get a building permit. architeces are expert at code and structure, but know little or nothign about how a modern, efficient and profitable CHiropractic practice runs .........


.................. Davlen functions as central clearing house for information. We listen to your goals, understand yoru clinical techniques and strategies and tap into our unmatched experience of tried and proven solutions that will help you achieve your goals. Our clients have found that while an office can be looked at as a static entitry, many of the design elements we have created for our clients over the years actually help your patients achieve a healtheir lifestyle. Yes, that is right. the design of yoru clinic can actually help yuou help your patients be healtheir.

We spend countless hours each year meeting with and studing the different clinical techniques and busienss strategies taught by the top mentors of the Chiropractic profession. We have an insider track to the different CHiropractic product and software suppliers and have developed unique wqork stations around what the creators know is the right way to use thier product. We pack our designs and furnishing systems with the Ergonomic suggestions, range of motion, proper technique and general requirements of the professions most utilized products. We routinely meet with the best of the best in the profession and have developed work places that actually simplify the operation of their products.

Chiropractic  mentors and coaches gladly refer their clients to us so we can create a dream practice for their clients in a manner that supports their teachings.

We begin the process with you first establishing yoru needs. Then, if appropriate, we help you find the space that is best for you , both in clinical results as well as cost control. We then help yo design the space in a layout that is best for you. When we are done, we will guide you in the selection of the roper contractor and / or architect. bid comparisons are a specialty of ours which will help yo uget the most from your construction budget. If professionalism effieincy and productivity are imortant to you, we can also give you an edge above the rest. Our CHiropractic work staions and furnishigns systems such as front desks, adjusting room work stations, retail centers and portable tbars are abailable to you if and when your bottom line profitability is important to you.

So in short, Davlen products and services help you start and end the project in the most cost effective manner. Our knowledge and insight guide you through all the rest. Sure you may be able to find someone that claims they can do it all fo ryou, but that usually comes with a huge price tag and results in a far from effective workplace. call us to learn how we can help you throgh this process.

a tree grows as strong as its roots will allow

These are the amazing people that make up Davlen Design

Glen David
Jeanne David
Managing partner, CA and CFO
Nick David
Design and Production
Katie Goode
Client relations manager
Our team
shop production and client satisfaction
Kaeser and Bentley
Our Welcoming committee and stress reduction team. Gota love a Doodle ! (Labradoodle that is)
Chiropractic Clients
Made in USA
Factory in North Carolina
Unique Designs

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