Dr. G


Bridgeville, Pa

After many years of practicing in a leased facility, and since his practice was already busting at the seams, it was time for Dr G to begin his search for a larger facility and hopefully, one that he could afford to purchase instead of lease. Not only did Dr G require more square footage to serve higher volumes of patients, but his patients were achieving great results in their health and wellness from the newly added services that Dr. G was offering.


How We Helped:

He tasked his realtor to find him about 5,000 square feet in a decent neighborhood, with great parking and reasonable road visibility. Many retail sites were found but did not check off all of the boxes until they stumbled on a free standing building that yielded just under 4,000 square feet of usable space. Initially, they thought it was too small to serve their needs, but upon their review with our team at Davlen, it proved to be a viable location. But there were other challenges. It was a bank building, and most banks sell their real estate at prime dollar, so we were tasked to keep construction costs to a minimum. The Architecture of the structure was amazing. Tall intricate ceilings down the central Gallery of the facility with lowered ceilings flanking the central core. Marble structural columns also had to be carefully integrated into the overall design so as to blend with the overall design. By keeping the existing marble floor flanked with carpet, we were able to add to that wow first impression while saving the doctor on his buildout costs. We were able to save the Vault door, and unlike in many other bank to Chiropractic transitions, instead of making this the Xray room ( to save on lead shielding) since the HUGE vault door was cost prohibitive to remove, and the interior of the vault had amazing finishes, we decided to “Lock UP’ the patients’ health and wellness during their initial visit and made this the doctors consultation room instead. The ornate plaster sculpting of the ceiling beams and arch over the vault door was to be maintained at all cost, which posed a challenge to how to best utilize the central core, as it amounted to over 1600 square feet of clinical floor space. The doctors circular logo was integrated into the Credenza behind the front desk as was the arch over the circular vault door. Our “Plantation” series of Chiropractic modular front desks was a perfect addition to the overall first impression of the entryway. We were careful to go slightly above what the average patient expectations would be. This was based the demographics of the doctors “Prime Target” patient. Our Free standing modular room dividers were a natural to provide semi privacy to specific services while keeping it an open , bright and airy space. All of this was done while providing streamlined flow from one side of the building to the other. This provided good patient flow to and from the core and the treatment rooms, while providing a fluid manner for the multiple providers to monitor the patients clinical care in the “core”


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