Dr. H


Excelsior, Mn

Dr H wanted to remodel his current practice into a higher level of volume and services while he was currently practicing in that location


How We Helped:

Dr H has practiced in this location for many years. His patients have improved their health and wellness while under his expert care and have referred their friends and family to the point that Dr H had to figure out how he could see higher volumes of patients while maintaining the highest level of service that he provided. Prior to contacting Davlen, he was also troubled by the fact that he had to maintain his practice through this remodel. Any contractor he met with mandated that he closes his practice for several months during the transformation, which was not practical nor realistic. His coach had worked with the team at Davlen and remembered when they did an “Extreme Makeover” similar to the acclaimed hit TV show. During that time, they remodeled a Husband and wife’s Chiropractic clinic on Long Island without the doctor having to shut down their practice. It worked for them, and it may work for Dr H, so the introduction was made. Team Davlen once again tapped into their past experience and realized that this office was also a prime candidate for the benefits that their Chiropractic Modular work stations could provide. Most of the site modifications required were demolition and decoration, so remodeling in phases was not only practical, but extremely efficient at the same time. This efficiency translated into minimized impact to patient hours during the transformation. This project was completed in phases. Half of the adjusting area at a time , then the other half, then the reception area and lastly, the new patient processing areas. The end result yielded Dr H the ability to almost double his volume while increasing his services significantly, all in the same hourly workweek. More patients, faster, more efficient and in a friendlier, more open environment made everyone happy campers.


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