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Once again, Dr’s Rick Markson reached out to us to help him create his expanded dream practice. 22 years prior, Dr Larry Markson reached out to us to help him create a Dream practice for his son, Dr Rick Markson. In 2001, while we were working with Larry to help many of his clients of Markson management, and then, The Masters Circle develop the practice of their dreams, it was time for his son, Rick to enter into a long term lease consisting of 2,600 square feet. We were honored and tasked to develop new state-of-the-art concepts and technologies and developed new Chiropractic Modular workstations that would support and enhance the floorplan that streamlined their patient flow. This was the steppingstone to the new office that he is now purchasing, some 20+ years later. Back in 2001, We were proud to have developed a design that enabled Dr Markson to grow his office into a practice that was able to see large offered various adjunctive services for his patients and in a manner that streamlined hundreds of patients per day through the practice. While it is clear that décor that was modern and professional back in the early 2000’s has evolved tremendously from over the years, the function and efficiency of this office was and still, and remains to be impeccable. It allowed geometric growth of the practice both in volume as well as in services for Dr Markson. It worked so well that It was actually the setting for The Masters Circle- Two Day New Patient Intake Procedure Video that was used to train over 1,000 Masters Circle clients. Now, some 20 years later, it was time for Dr Rick to move forward and stop paying for someone else’s retirement (by leasing) and search out an investment that would not only allow him to serve at a geometric higher level of volume and revenue, but this purchase would also be added in his portfolio as a source for retirement income. The perfect opportunity was presented to him for a 6,000 + building that was available for purchase, only a few hundred yards away in the same professional complex. The team at Davlen worked hand in hand with Dr Rick and Dr Larry Markson as well as their realtor to ensure that the space was sized properly to accommodate the intended volume, clinical services and intended support staff while leaving room for growth. Once the viability of the building was confirmed, we worked closely with their contractor (who happened to be an extended family member) as well as his interior designer to create a highly functional facility that resonated with the core values of Rick, as well as with the expectations of his southern Florida’s patient base. At that point, while the interior designer worked on creating a spectacular look of the facility, we spent most of our time developing workstations that would improve the Simplicity, Speed and Efficiency (to coin one of Larrys teachings) of the staff. We developed systems and concepts that helped solve many of the staffs capacity blockages at the different segments of the practice. Our primary objective (as it always is) was to develop and understand what the staff does on a daily basis, and then create semi-custom solutions in the form of work stations that were specifically developed, built and installed by our “in house” team specifically for the Chiropractic profession. From there, we used our Cad-CAM technologies that we have in our design / build studio to build the work stations that you see in Dr Rick’s office. Some of the elements and solutions were tried, proven and produced by us 20-30 years ago. After all, if it works, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Other solutions were cutting edge concepts that focused on current “Position Responsibilities” and the daily activities of each staff member, as well as projections into what the future holds for each staff position and daily task. Once the concepts were finalized, we proudly worked with the interior designer to create the overall “look” of the modular work stations so that they could be seamlessly integrated into the overall décor of a clinic that certainly makes a statement. A statement that reflects the core values of the doctor and of the level of health and wellness that his patients deserve and expect.


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