Dr. S

Expansion, Remodel, Relocation, Ground Up

Kennesaw Ga

Dr S is a second-generation Chiropractor that has always been surrounded by a Chiropractic workplace developed by the team at Davlen. Just shy of 20 years ago, his parents, Dr’s Kathy and Kevin Sr. contacted Davlen to develop their Dream office. Now, after being immersed, in an office designed and built by Davlen, for most of his Chiropractic upbringing, it was only natural for him to connect with us when he was ready to branch out and develop his own Dream practice.


How We Helped:

Dr Smith Jr searched high and low for a location that suited his needs. At first, he was thinking that he may need upwards of 2,000 square feet. In his target marketplace, larger spaces were plentiful, but after consulting with Davlen, he realized that 1,200 Square feet, having the proper geometry, would serve to support and enhance his growth goals perfectly. After searching for quite some time, he stumbled upon a 1,250 sq ft office and a 1,145 square foot location. After Davlens review, it was determined that due to the geometry, and some code related issues, that the smaller location was best to continue negotiating on. Based on the current condition of the space, the Landlord was also glad to see this space leased to a Professional, that would actually increase the perceived value of his property . Dr S was extremely excited at the prospect of finding his future home, and before Davlen even started with his design, he anxiously called in a contractor to get an idea of build out costs for budgeting. Without any outside guidance, the contractor did what most contractors do... He quoted costs of what he COULD do, instead of what he SHOULD do. Needless to say, since he had nothing to base his quotes on, he came back with an insanely expensive budget. Once landlord negotiations were almost finalized, Davlen immediately began their process and developed a floor plan that reflected the clinical and business needs of what the doctor actually needs while minimizing site construction costs. Davlen always takes into consideration trying to reduce build out costs as much as possible by reutilizing any and all structure that currently exists. With the optimized floorplan in hand, It immediately became clear that most of the money that the contractor initially quoted had absolutely no benefit to the clinic, the doctor or his patients. Furthermore, Based on Davlen’s past experience of serving over 6,000 Chiropractors around the world, the team felt it was in the doctors’ best interest to look at this project differently, and at the same time, look at it in a manner that would save the doctor the most money. Instead of gutting the space and starting over, the project would be best served by retaining some of the rooms in the back 1/3 of the clinic and demolish the front 2/3rds. The rest of the floorplan could then be completed with the Chiropractic Modular Systems from Davlen. By doing so, the doctor still received a highly efficient office that flowed well and had extremely low operating costs, but he could do so and cut his construction budget by more than in half. An added benefit of this approach yielded the doctor a savings of tens of thousands of dollars and since the Chiropractic modular systems from Davlen could be relocated at lease end, any investment he made now, would become a long term asset that he could add to his balance sheet. No longer would the doctor have to spend money to buy a new front desk or any of the other modules he invested in. So as this family continues to grow its Chiropractic legacy, Davlen continues to be a proud part of the future of the Chiropractic profession.


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