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Raleigh, NC

Design and build high end modular workstations


How We Helped:

Davlen was once again approached by a local Design Build firm that we frequently work with to provide HIGH END modular workstations for this client. Our working relationship over the past years has proved to them that when they are looking for a high-end look, a product that is incredibly durable and comes at a price point that is more than competitive, they were glad to once again reach out top the Design and Fabrication team at Davlen. This multi-Disciplinary clinic was in the heart of a high-end professional complex in the center of Raleigh North Carolina. This office demanded somewhat of a different approach to a typical clinic. The flowing Architecture and flowing lines throughout the clinic were a hint of what the patient experience would be like. It also provided design-build challenges to the contractors in this multi- level facility. Not only did it have compound curves throughout, but it had to be built in our factory to ensure only the highest level of joinery, but still had to be broken down to allow it to be moved on site. They blended High end solid surface materials into the tempered glass privacy screen which flowed directly into the integrated tempered glass door. This provided the open look yet yielded the patient privacy that this clinic required when transacting business. Atypical to our normal client, this doctor offered numerous Aesthetic services as well as a mini Aesthetic surgi center to their services


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