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We have found that those doctors that have a crystal clear vision of the practice of their dreams can use the fruits of their labor to create the lifestyle of their dreams.  We have developed several tools that help you gatherand organize all of the thoughts and ideas that you have and transform them into sound business stretegies. You can then either use this format to create a personality driven practice, or if you prefer, transform it into a systems driven practice.
Putting your vision and goals down on paper is the first step at achieving your goals. Developing systems and strategies that will help you impliment and manage those systems and strategies is next. Which ever way you chose, our clients benefit most from working in an office that was designed and developed specifically to support and enhance personality of the doctor, or the systems and strategies that will be running the practice of your dreams.


Every client we have served has had different goals, both professionally and personally. What works for your friend may not work for you. Our role will be to help you define your personal goals and discuss tried and proven practice concepts that have helped others achieve your intended result. From there, we will design a practice strategy that will yield you the lifestyle that you want. Next, we will incorporate design elements into your layout that add Simplicity, speed and efficiency to your daily chores, yielding you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Specific treatment techniques require specific design elements in order to be as effective and profitable as possible. THe patient flow of a CBP practice should be significantly different from that of an integrated practice. An activator model has different requirements from that of an upper cervical practice. Space requirements of a Pettibon practice are geometrically different from that of a workers comp or PI style of practice. We will gladly enlighten you to some of the tried and proven solutions that we have developed over the years.


Location, Location Location is a great buzz word when looking for a perfect home, but we have found some of the largest practices we have served are located in some of the most obscure locations. Square footage seems to be what most clients focus on when trying to develop their dream practice, but we have found that there are many more elements that can alter the amount of space a practice may need. The physical geometry of a subject property plays a major role in the attainable results. In some practice styles, parking, convenience and build out costs have a huge impact on the success of a practice . Suprisingly enough, road frontage, traffic volume and sinage may not be as imortant as some will make you believe. We will gladly analize your situation and help you determine how much of this will play a role in your success, and we will be gglad to provide you with referrals of other Chiropractors that have found the same success.



THe demographics of your intended neighborhood definately have an impact on the outcome of a practice. Certain techniques thrive in low to moderate income communities while other styles are better served in moderate to high income neighborhoods. our studies suprise most, and are not as obvious as you may think. Again, this is where our unmatched experience of serving over 6,000 CHiropractors over the past 32 years can help you make the right decision. Sure we will gladly design your space no matter where it is located, but if some of our experience can help you find a location that is best suited to yoru clinical and business goals, why not gather as much tried and proven information and guidance from us as possible .

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